Great Benefits To Replacing Garage Doors

Replacing your garage door isn’t something that you have to do very often, so it’s important to do it right. Usually, people wait until their garage doors are completely broken from someone hitting them or they just failed over time and are impossible to open and close easily. While a broken door is always a good reason to get new garage doors Herriman UT, there are many benefits to consider that may lead you to replace your door before they’re completely broken.


You might not think about how unsafe your automatic garage might be, but if it was made before 1993 there is a good chance that a burglar can open your door with minimal effort. There were important safety features added to garage door openers. Today, there are garage door openers that can be opened up by an app on your smartphone from anywhere with access to the internet.


Everyone is always looking for ways to reduce their gas and electric bills. A new garage door that is better insulated than old one can reduce the amount of heat and cold that enters your home from the outside. As an added bonus, you may be eligible for a tax rebate if you choose garage doors that are Energy Star certified.


It’s a fear of most parents and pet owners that somehow their little ones will get crushed by a shutting garage door. While this fear was completely legitimate in the past, new garage doors have safety features available to keep everyone from getting hurt. By choosing doors that have a photoelectric sensor attached, your garage door will simply roll back up if they sense something is in the way.

Add Aesthetic Appeal

Garage doors take up a lot of space on the outside of your home. They are one of the first things that many people see as they are driving past or pulling up the driveway. While you may be able to paint over a worn out garage door, it’s almost impossible to cover up dings and other problems. There are many different styles to choose from that will match up with the exterior of your home and fit your preferences.

Saves Time

Not only will you have to wait what seems like 20 minutes for your old door to open, but you also won’t have to put as much time in maintaining it. The color of the paint on the doors will fade over time, but there are new options now. Metal doors are available with a special paint that is baked on to the metal to make it last for many years to come.

Home Value

As was mentioned before, garage doors can add or detract from curb appeal which in and of itself can affect the value of your home. When your home looks good, it is more likely to sell faster and for more money. Replacing garage doors benefits both you and potential buyers.